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Since 1934, the Flying Doctors of Mercy have been creating miracles deep in the heart of México, where only the employed can afford medical and dental care.

With modern donated equipment, Liga volunteers treat tens of thousands of persons every year, and provide millions of dollars in services to the local peoples.

Audiologists, physicians, surgeons, podiatrists, anesthetists, nurses, translators and others from all corners of the globe, depart in aircraft from California, Arizona and Nevada for their flights to historic El Fuerte in the State of Sinaloa, México. When they return to their homes early Sunday afternoon, they will have been away little more than 48 hours, but together they will have changed over 1,000 lives, and have experienced a trip of a lifetime.

Join Us in El Fuerte
Liga 83rd Anniversary & Annual Meeting
Planes of Fame Museum at the Chino Airport located in Chino CA
9/16/2017 (06:00 PM - 10:00 PM)
Pat Savage
The 2017 Annual Event/Party will be held at the Famous Planes of Fame Museum at the Chino Airport on Saturday, September 16, 2017. This year's event is designed to honor ALL of our volunteers and the work that is completed to help the people of Sinaloa, Mexico through out the entire year. All of our volunteers are invited and potential volunteers are very welcome. This year's event can be a "Fly-In" and there are plenty of local hotels...  Read More

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